Thursday, July 19, 2018 05:19 AM
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Homemade Chips Grove using 100% Natural New Zealand Avocado Oil


This is a very simple way to make the best chips at home and healthy as well!

Grove 100% Natural New Zealand Avocado Oil is ideal for high temperature cooking and frying…

It has a flash point of 255 C and is very stable which means it is far safer than many other Oils.

Oils should only be used one time then discarded… reusing oil is not safe as it going from being an unsaturated fat to a saturated fat.

Oils are vital for your body for your cells and nerves and you need oil in your diet but it is highly important that you use good oil this is also important to maintain the “healthy Cholesterol” and reduce the bad one!


Take 3 to 4 large potatoes and wash well but leave the skins on…..

Take a pot filled with enough water to cover the potatoes… you can half them if they are big or even quarter them.

Bring to the boil and you only need to boil the potatoes for a few minutes until the surface of the potato start to get soft, test it with a fork..

When you are happy they just starting to soften drain and cool, you can do this the day before and sit in the fridge as well.

Now to cook your chips!

Take your potatoes and cut into wedges.

Take a pot and add grove Oil and heat to e medium to hot heat…. Does not need to be super hot.

Add your potato wedges and leave until they start to go golden brown, you can turn them is required.

You may need to top up the oil.


When your chips as nicely browned all over place on a plate covered with a couple of paper towels to absorb the excess oil……………… Then serve with your Beer battered fish and Tartar sauce…

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