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Beer Battered Fish fried with Grove 100% Natural New Zealand Avocado Oil with homemade chips and Tartar sauce.


Thailand has many wonderful types of fish….

Fish and chips are a New Zealand favorite and so easy to prepare..

If I was in New Zealand I would use Snapper or terakihi which is a very popular eating fish in NZ..


I find a nice firm white meat fish is best..

To start you will need  

3- 4 pieces of nice boned white fish (New Zealand snapper is the best)
Grove Oil
Flour (New Zealand or Australian organic flour)
2-3 eggs:
baking powder: level teaspoon
Salt: ½ teaspoon
Milk: to mix
Beer: half a cup…. Drink the rest J
Large Mixing bowl

Preparation time 15 minutes:

Once the batter is done it is all down to cooking which does not take too long. The batter is the key as well as the Oil to cook with We will use our Grove 100% Natural New Zealand Avocado Oil

Take flour and mix in salt and backing powder in a large mixing bowl. Pour in some milk and mix in until it is absorbed and keep adding milk to it starts to get thick and pliable. Put in an egg or 2 if you like and mix in until they are part of the mix. Pour in about ½ A cup of beer and stir into the batter.
You want to work the mix in the bowl until it is like warm honey, not too thin, not too thick. If the mix is too dry just add a bit more milk, or too wet add a bit more flour. This takes only a few minutes to achieve a nice consistency.

Put the mix to one side to sit for a few minutes.


Take your filets and make sure they are boned and cut into strips about 3 cm wide. Make sure the fish is clean. I wash my filets to make sure there are no scales or bones on the meat then I dry with paper towels.
Crack an egg into a shallow dish and whisk until the yoke and the white are mixed.
Take another shallow dish with some plane flour in


Take a good quality non-stick pan and heat to a medium heat….NOT TOO HOT!
Add enough Grove Oil to cover the cooking surface.
Stir the Batter mix again.
Take a strip of fish and first soak in the whisked egg and then transfer to the dish with the flower fish liberally flour then to the Batter the flour will help the Batter to stick to the fish.

Add the Battered fish to the pan and leave on one side until small bubbles appear on the upside surface then pop, then turn and leave until the underside is golden brown (you need to have a little look J )


You will need to add more oil as you go as the batter will soak it up..

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